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About ISC & ICC 2017
About ISCThe International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC) was founded in 1959. The ISC aims to advance the education and the science of therapy of infection through the establishment of an international federation of affiliated national and regional societies with similar aims and objectives to its own. The ISC currently has a worldwide membership composed of 87 national and regional societies, with over 50,000 individual members.

The ISC promotes the conduct of scientific research, convening international congresses, conferences and symposia and encourages co-operation within the society and between scientists belonging to other societies dealing with related basic and clinical sciences. In the last decade, most of the society work has been on antimicrobials. The ISC currently has 25 Working Groups and actively encourages and/or sponsors the formation of international working groups for special research, training projects or the use of therapeutics in the field of anti-infective and anti-neoplastic therapy and coordinating their activities.

ICC 2017
The ICC Congress was first held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1959 and took place every two years thereafter. The Congress aspires to create a global network of national and international societies for exchange of information and knowledge in between. This may foster collaborations among the specialists in the field of infectious diseases, antimicrobial chemotherapy and clinical microbiology from all over the world.​​ This biennial Congress became one of the largest gathering of its kind.

The 30th International Congress of Chemotherapy and Infection 2017 (ICC 2017) is going to be held in Taipei, Taiwan on 24-27 November 2017. With the previous successful experiences and the steady growth of ICC, this time we anticipate to have over 3,500 attendees, challenging us to an even further excellence of this Congress. Participants will receive a fully comprehensive scientific programme featuring educational workshops, Congress and industry symposia, free papers and networking opportunities.