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Preliminary Programme
To learn more about the congress programme, click here.

Plenary Lectures
  • ISC Hamao Umezawa Memorial Award Lecture: β-Lactamases as we see them today
  • Novel antibiotics on the horizon
  • Zika virus: update
  • Novel technologies and diagnostic methods in AMR era

Keynote Lectures
  • Chlorhexidine bathing and nasal decolonisation to prevent infection and reduce antibiotic resistant pathogens
  • Risk stratification and treatment of chronic Hepatitis B: towards the eradication of Hepatitis B virus infection
  • In “CAST” we trust – but which of the many?
  • Update of pneumonia guidelines: Japan vs. Global
  • Antibiotic stewardship: the reality
  • New WHO and CDC guidelines for the prevention of surgical site infections
  • Emerging zoonotic MERS – CoV disease
  • Vaccines for HPV: the first 10 years
  • Infection prevention and quality
  • Clostridium difficile: epidemiology, diversity and evolution in Asia
  • Global patterns of MDR-TB evolution
  • Antimicrobial stewardship practice in Taiwan
  • MDR/XDR TB treatment update
  • Reactive oxygen therapy, a serious antibiotic alternative?
  • Antibiotic resistance has a language problem
  • Vaccines for travel, vaccines for adults: moving targets!
  • Reducing device associated infections – the case of catheter associated urinary tract infections
  • Viral and host factors involved in enterovirus 71 infection – potential applications in therapy and prophylaxis
  • Control of carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE)
  • MRSA: global epidemiology and treatment
  • Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM)
  • Vascular access: problems and solutions
  • Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy; stewardship and right siting in Asia
  • Antiretroviral resistance: an update
  • Colistin resistance: why? what to do? it is possible to go back?
  • Key issues for improving the use of antibiotics
  • Dengue: old disease in children, new disease in adults
  • HAI prevention and control
  • Combating antimicrobial resistant pathogens
  • How to get your paper published
  • Drug resistance in the microbial world
  • The expanding global problem of antifungal resistance
  • Antimicrobial stewardship in Asia
  • Infections/outbreaks and the world refugee crisis
  • Emerging zoonotic viral infections: MERS, swine, equine, and canine influenza and Zika
  • State-of-the art: Pneumococcal diseases and vaccination
  • Using PK/PD to optimise therapy
  • Hot topics in urogenital tract infections
Satellite Symposia
  • Fungal infection management beyond common IFI
  • Evidence based guidelines: patient assessment and vascular access device selection
  • Influenza update
  • Strategy optimisation for complex infection managements in the MDR era
  • New era of STR in HIV-1 infection management
  • Leading the fight against MRSA and TB through a cutting edge regimen
  • Quantitative syphilis diagnostics
  • From empiric therapy to defined treatment
  • New insights into empiric antibiotic therapy in respiratory tract infection
  • Continual immunisation throughout life: from children, adolescents to adults
  • aboratory diagnostics of sepsis
  • Critical Gram-negative MDRs - a clinical update
  • Microbiota and probiotics
  • Latest improvement of automated environmental control in approaching zero tolerance of healthcare-associated infection